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Banjar Simpangan, Desa Pejaten
Kecamatan Kediri, Tabanan
Bali 82171 Indonesia
Telp/Fax 62-361-831948

Statement Of The Chairman

Nowadays, the art of glazed pottery in Bali has rapidly developed. Many ceramic studios have produced various motif of products inspired by the natural environment of Bali, which already well known as the hometown of artist.

Pejaten as an old village that has inherited the art of pottery for generations has largely contributed to the art creation of glazed ceramic. This village has a very typical motif with its distinctive form, further highlight to flora/fauna ornament and its gentle colors like moss green/jade.

In an effort to maintain and preserve the art of ceramics, we feel compelled to establish Tanteri Foundation which aims to preserve and develop the art of pottery and ceramics in Bali. The Foundation manages Tanteri museum that collect various ceramics and pottery ever made in Pejaten village as well as various ceramics found in Indonesian archipelago.

In this museum can also be seen the process of ceramics making and see the development of pottery and ceramics craft in Pejaten village from time to time.

Tanteri Foundation,

Mr. I Putu Oka Mahendra