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Kecamatan Kediri, Tabanan
Bali 82171 Indonesia
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Tanteri News

The arrival of I Putu Oka Mahendra, the chairman of Foundation of Tanteri Ceramics Museum at the office of HIMUSBA (Bali Museum Society) was welcomed by DR. I Nym Gunarsa in Gunarsa Museum on Wednesday, September 12th, 2012. As the chairman of the Bali HIMUSBA, he welcomed with high enthusiasm and fully supported the establishment of the Ceramics Museum in Bali. ”Bali is an island of thousand temples, various heritage of art and cultural that have been inherited should be maintained and preserved especially by the Balinese people, and even if it is possible, Bali should also be known as an island of thousand museums, not just any museum like that, but nonetheless should be supported by high quality standard and also well presented in a diverse variety so that is not felt monotonous ”said Gunarsa.

The meeting looked relaxed and far from being rigid, they even look very familiar each other. The exposure of the Tanteri Ceramics Museum’s establishment plan was submitted by the Director of Tanteri Ceramics Museum, I Wayan Sudayasa, SPd. He explained the vision and mission of founding the museum, including the main goal to preserve the heritage of art and beside that also inseparable from the Pejaten community’s desire to make Pejaten as a ”pottery village” in Bali in order to support tourism in Tabanan regency.

Pejaten is one of the small villages in Bali, where currently most of the population live of the roof tile and pottery crafts industries. The handicrafts are able to provide a living for most of the people. The tradition pottery-making has been inherited for generations. The pottery has experienced rapid growth in accordance to the economic development of Bali. Some of the people have produced pottery with high-temperature combustion technique. The development of high-temperature pottery and ceramic occurred in 1985 when there was a support from HIVOS, a Humanitarian Foundations in Netherlands. The assistance is provided in order to develop glazed ceramic or high-temperatures combustion technique in Pejaten. The persistence of I Made Tanteri, the Head of Pejaten village in encouraging and motivating the local people has been able to produce pottery and ceramics craftsmen with good quality works in which their works have been collected by many tourist from various countries. Similarly, the role of Mrs. Hester Tjebbes, an instructors and ceramic artist from France who has trained the local people in Pejaten that they finally able to produce high quality ceramic art.

The establishment of Tanteri Ceramics Museum is hoped will be able to provide information to the public about the developments of ceramics in Indonesia generally and in Bali particularly. In this museum there will be also a training and introduction of ceramic manufacturing process that can be joined by students and college students to recognize, learning and exploring the art of pottery and ceramic with high-temperature firing technique. (Wednesday, September 12th, 2012).