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Banjar Simpangan, Desa Pejaten
Kecamatan Kediri, Tabanan
Bali 82171 Indonesia
Telp/Fax 62-361-831948

Ceramic Artist Community

I Wayan Ngeteng

Bali Ceramic Artist

I Ketut Sarta was born in Mengwi on January 30th, 1966. He was graduated from a school of art in Denpasar, Badung regency, 1983 . After graduated, he tried to work as a wood carver in his village. As a wood carver, his ideas and creativity is strongly influenced and inspired by nature and the culture of Bali. His expertise in the field of sculpture turned out to be the basis for the development of the art of glazed ceramic in Pejaten village Kediri Tabanan. In the beginning, he joined as a daily labor in the Development of Glazed Ceramic Project in Pejaten. Later, his prominent talent in the field of ceramic made his love to ceramic even greater that able to make him devote more than 20 years of his life in the manufacture of glazed ceramic. With the guidance and direction of Mrs. Hester Tjebbes who ceramic artist from France,, he finally able to become a ceramic artist whose work has a very distinctive character and style where he can beautifully combine the European and Balinese style. Some of his works are the Bali’s patera carved jars.