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Kecamatan Kediri, Tabanan
Bali 82171 Indonesia
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Ceramic Artist Community

I Wayan Ngeteng

Bali Ceramic Artist

I Wayan Ngenteg was born in Pejaten village Kediri Tabanan on December 31st, 1965. He inherited pottery art for generations and has devoted his life for ceramic craft for over than 20 years. In 1985, he joined the "Pejaten Ceramic" studio when at the first time he became interested to learn and know more about ceramics. Porcelain ceramic is a new thing for him, but because of his prominent talent in art since he was in elementary school and the fact that he has inherited the pottery tradition of his family, where until now his mother is still actively involved in the manufacture of pottery in traditional way, it is not a difficult thing for a man like I Wayan Ngenteg to master the art of ceramics. In the 1970s, pottery art was very popular in Pejaten village. With his fully determination and a strong desire, and under the guidance of Mrs. Hester Tjebbes who ceramic artist from France, he managed to be among one of the ceramic artists who have characteristics in any of his work. Each of his works has a strong natural character reflected from the natural environment of Bali. His ceramics works are totally handmade in which the decorating equipment is fairly unique, his finishing every detail so that any work produced looks so natural. Stages of the manufacturing process can be seen as follows:

Firstly, the clay is formed into the shape of bird’s body by relying in hand skill only. Once the shape of bird’s body is done, then it placed on the lid of jar, teapot, or other items.

The unique thing is that only a piece of stainless knife used in decorations stage.

His expertise in played a knife was able to realize an attractive work with very beautiful scratches to behold.

The birds he made look so alive just like a group of birds in the wild nature. His work will be exhibited in May 2014 at the Grand Opening of ‘Tanteri’ Museum of Ceramics in Pejaten Bali with the theme "The Song of Pipit Birds".