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Banjar Simpangan, Desa Pejaten
Kecamatan Kediri, Tabanan
Bali 82171 Indonesia
Telp/Fax 62-361-831948

Welcome to Tanteri Museum

As an old village that has inherited the tradition of pottery-making in Bali, Pejaten becomes the only village that still maintains this tradition and has made a rapid progress in the developing of glazed ceramic art, in which its production has been collected by the buyers from various countries.

In order to keep this art of pottery-making growing and able to become the livelihood of local people, Pejaten community, under the leadership of late I Made Tanteri (deceased 1996), a retired police officer who has devoted his life as the head of the village for 29 years for the sake of Pejaten village’s development has carried out many efforts for years.

The progress in the development of glazed pottery art has been succesfully achieved due to the guidance of a ceramic artist from France, Hester Tjebbes who has embraced Instituut Voor Humanisch Ontwikkelingssamenwerking/Hivos which based in Netherlands as a partnership to encourage and develop the Pejaten’s ceramic.

The artwork of these artists have been widely exhibited at Bentara Budaya Jakarta in 1987 and 2010. A noteworthy history and known particularly by the ceramic community in Indonesia, that many ceramic artists who were born from Pejaten have arised with a very distinctive characteristics of motif, design and color. It ultimately giving rise to a new style and design known as ‘Pejaten.’Some of the artists' works can be seen at Tanteri Museum as well as other various collections of pottery and glazed ceramics.
Thank you for your visit and support in developing the art of ceramics in Pejaten.

Museum Ceramic Tanteri

Mr. I Wayan Sudayasa