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Banjar Simpangan, Desa Pejaten
Kecamatan Kediri, Tabanan
Bali 82171 Indonesia
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Our Pottery Tour is a great way to discover Balinese culture and get new experience.
We offer a comprehensive introduction to working with clay. Learn hand-building techniques, try wheel-trhowing, hand decorated painting and visit our Museum of Ceramic Arts in the Pottery Village. POTTERY TOUR WORKSHOPS AND CLASSES

The following programs are available two optional:


Let’s spend your a leisure in Bali with us at pottery village PEJATEN.

Joining and working with artists at Tanteri Ceramic Studio can be able magnificent experience knowing how to make a pot on a wheel table, you are feel free to create something made of the clay porcelain.

You have own a electric wheel, assisted by instructor and an artist to decorate some pots with any shape of animals as like frog, gecko, and flowers. All process can be understood at the studio such as clay process, throwing, decorates, and firing.

We offer regularly trips with two optional pottery trips

Two hour workshop Program

This short program is a good choice for group among 6 to 20 persons. We will take the group for a site tour surroundings Tanteri Ceramic studio neighborhood, where mostly of our village community earn their life from making traditional hand pot made of local clay.

During the site tour, the group will be accompanied by an appropriate English guide informing the history of pot making in Pejaten village up to the present development of becoming an industrial village of Pottery in Indonesia.

The workshop itself will be held at Tanteri’s studio, and everyone will have an electric wheels The group will be informed obviously step by step starting from processing of the clay, throwing, decorating, glazing and firing. This is a comprehensive introduction to working in clay. Learn hand building techniques,wheel trhowing and hand decorated painting.

Soon afterward, the best item of their creativity will be processed for firing, and the result will be delivered to the representative office within one week.

Three hour workshop Program

This 3 hours Workshop Program is specially arranged for individual ( 1 to 6 persons). It will allow the participants to have more knowledge and experience to be explored. Our artists will freely show and transfer their knowledge in how to make a small pot, starting from processing the clay, throwing, decorating and firing. In decorating the pot, all participants are free to express their ideas and creativity on it such as animal decoration (frog, gecko and etc).

On firing section, the participants will learn step by step of loading it into the kiln as well as firing it. Finally, one of their creation will be fired and delivered at free of charge.