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Get Involved

We accepting applications for the volunteer to develop and compile programs in improving services museum to the visitors. Volunteering at Tanteri is a great way to learn more about ceramics, meet people with similar interest and share your enthusiasm for ceramics with ours artis and visitor. Volunteers are an important part of Tanteri and essential part of making our museum a success.

Types of Volunteers

We need volunteers who can make specific commitments to the success of Tanteri Museum.
  1. Volunteers don't need to have a background in ceramics or even in art, it's your enthusiasm and willing heart that matters.
  2. Volunteers are given specialty training specific to our ceramic communities - a great way to add to your resume!
  3. We need volunteers year-round on weekends and weekdays both.
  4. You can volunteer once a week, monthly or for a specific project - whichever suits your schedule.
  5. Volunteers receive discounts in our store, invitations to special events and parties and other great perks!
We've created 5 areas of volunteering. All volunteers are organized through Ima, however once you've been included in a specific group you'll have training and work with our staff member directly responsible for that area of the Museum's programming.
  1. Volunteer teachers conduct educational tours and lessons for student groups and adults visiting the museum. Tanteri welcomes an average of 2-3 student groups a month and We will begin offering regularly Pottery Tours for our Visitor to current exhibits and permanent collections.
  2. Collection Volunteers - Tanteri's permanent collection, library and digital resources require thousands of hours of maintenance every year to keep them categorized, maintained and accessible. Collection volunteers work in the library, permanent collection storage facilities, photography studio and collection office. They assist with recording, archiving, care taking, organizing and moving our growing permanent collection. In addition, collection volunteers will eventually be needed to assist in the maintenance.
  3. Studio Volunteers - The Ceramics Studio at Tanteri is a growing, vibrant community of potters and ceramic artists of all levels. Studio Volunteers assist with teaching, processing clay, cleaning and maintaining the studio and running pottery sales. Studio volunteers should have some background in ceramics.
  4. Service Volunteers - Our gift shop, pottery studio, pottery sales and daily visitors are Tanteri's lifeblood. Service volunteers assist visitors in our gallery, work in our gift shop, run video programs, greet visitors and help with special events. Service volunteers will be trained but a background in customer service or sales is a plus.
  5. Special Projects Volunteers - Addressing invitations, sending out mass mailings, preparing hands-on projects for school groups, glazing/firing after a family event. helping out with show installations and de-installations, renovations of the rest of our facilities and other general office tasks all require volunteers. There is no minimum time requirement.